Friday, June 04, 2004 · posted at 3:20 PM
Clairvoyant. There is this woman at my work... She is, to my knowledge, single in her 40's, lives alone, and works late, late nights. She has a loud, abrasive voice and is social on cue (the rest of the time she wears a frown or blank expression). And I keep running into her around San Diego - the mall, Target, and IKEA. Is this a glimpse into my future? In years to come, will I be sitting at my desk at 8 o'clock at night, diligently signing work papers with my Tiffany's pen (a gift to employees of 5+ years)? Roaming around looking at Strib Bred rugs in order to kill time so that I can go home and go straight to bed in order to start the whole cycle over the next morning? What a dismal image... Shall I start amassing the cats as we speak?

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