Monday, April 24, 2006 · posted at 11:17 PM
the red carpet.

Justin's movie premiered tonight. No, not that Justin...

Karen's Justin - the "captivating" and oft shirtless Justin Lo! Justin (aka the cutie with the "soft as a cotton ball" hair) premiered his movie, The Conrad Boys at the Newport Beach Film Festival - befitting as how his film studios is Newport Productions.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend, due to pesky barriers such as 3000 miles, 12 states and a slew of upcoming finals, but Karen went and confirmed that Zit scene 1: the party and Zit scene 2: the diner made their glaringly un-digitally altered debuts. My poor complexion Memorexed for nanoseconds FOR-EV-ER. Whee.

The movie is about a college student, Charlie (that's Justin!), who decides to raise his little brother (Boo Boo Stewart) after the sudden death of their mother. He struggles with his role in the family and his desire to be young and free, especially after meeting charismatic drifter Jordan (swoon). Ultimately, Charlie must make a choice.

Ani? Ani, is that you?
Lucky for him, Boo Boo Stewart is so cute, he can probably grow up with the name Boo Boo relatively unscathed.

The trailer is available at You Tube, the website responsible for a complete drainage of my time. Justin's trailer has already received a large number of hits unaccountable by family and friends (and friends of friends) which makes me think if you want someone to see something, just tag it with homoerotic phrases such as "boys kissing" and "shirtless males." Perhaps I'll test this hypothesis on my Ghost towned Flickr site.

Justin has a movie. Jon has a book (with Eskimos and pink splashes, just the way he always dreamed!). Joy has her wedding registry business... Knowing such productive people makes me (1) want to find less motivated friends who make me feel better about my unambitious self and (2) change my name to a J-name because surely the key to success lies in the 10th letter of the alphabet.


Goosebumps anyone? And imagine it with sad music in the background...

Monday, April 10, 2006 · posted at 1:43 AM
In many species with long childhoods, female choice bred males to evolve increasing emotional investment in their offspring...Chimp males offer meat for sex in a kind of courtly prostitution. Homo sapiens males offer diamong rings and drive phallic cars to advertise their ability to provice and Homo sapiens females in modern foraging societies unashamedly demand meat from their lovers. Despite the sperm and edd problem that created radically different breeding strategies, our prolonged childhoods meant we evolved to form intense attachments to whoever we happen to be bodding.

Biologists call this the pair-bond. We've institutionalized it as marriage.

        - Joe Quirk, Sperm Are from Men, Eggs Are from Women

"The Real Reason Men and Women are Different"

Monday, April 03, 2006 · posted at 2:52 AM
jam session. As a girl, you attend a lot of slumber parties growing up. Your best friend's, your classmate's, your own... even the one of the girl who you secretly don't like and hope will have to do something embarassing during Truth or Dare...

The appeal of slumber parties for a prepubescent teenybopper goes beyond the rescindment of curfew, the giggling over teen heartthrobs, the freezing of training bras that no one could yet fill, and the eeriness of ghost stories.

What made slumber parties great was the opportunity for quality talk. A time to share secret hopes, dreams and fears in the dark during those last few minutes before sleep overtakes you.

Okay so at age 11 your biggest fear is probably never getting breasts or worrying about whether Jenny told Joseph to tell Billy to tell Thomas that you thought he was cute. But still, somehow lying there in the dark in sleeping bags that smelled like camp made it so much easier to confide all the things you needed to say but were too chicken to do so while fully awake.

Sure, now we have convos over cocktails and try to emulate Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda as best as we can, but is it really the same? Your girls may crash at your place overnight, but it's now literally to crash drunken on the floor after a night of partying. Talk about quality time.

And while the warm, fuzzy feelings from slumber parties can transcend the great gender divide, "sleepovers" take on a whole new meaning with boys... unless of course, this is the guys' idea of a bachelor party.

Is it so wrong for grown-ups to have slumber parties? Okay so definitely the term "slumber party" has been sullied by creepy invitations to Neverland from the Michael Jackson camp, but we can't let one (insert any one of numerous Michael Jackson jokes here) ruin it for everyone. I know someone who just threw a pajama-themed party, so clearly I'm not the only one reminiscing for days of yore.

Thus I implore you - let's bring the slumber party back. Stock up on brownie mix. Practice being stiff as a board and light as a feather. Dust off the tarot cards. Inflate the air mattresses (there are no rules against modernizing...).

And when you do, I'll be there... footie pajamas and all.

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