Tuesday, January 02, 2007 · posted at 4:16 PM
Generation Me
Ordinary people can also find a taste of fame on the Internet. Anyone can put up a Web page, start a LiveJournal, or post to message boards. Blogs are built around the idea that everyone wants to hear your thoughts. Had a bad day? Tell the world about it on LiveJournal. Proud of your athletic ability, your family, your hobbies, your witty writing? Create your own Web page.

If you really want to get realistic, listen to the advice of John Pozniak, 27, interviewed in Conquering Your Quarterlife Crisis. "Will you always hate going to work? Yes. It is a way of life," John says. "There is a support group for it called Everyone, and they meet at the bars on Friday. The key is to find a job that doesn't suck 'as bad.' The good thing is since your job sucks, everything else you do seems that much better and more rewarding."

Generation Me
Jean M. Twenge

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