Thursday, September 21, 2006 · posted at 3:51 AM
Bandanas & October Supplies

While you can't judge a book by its cover, I wouldn't have read this book if not for the back cover, which reads:
The author of this book does not believe in disingenuous jacket blurbs, insincere product descriptions, or intrusive biographical information. He believes that less information regarding the content of a serious book is beneficial to the reading experience.

In short, the book you're holding, in the words of its author, is "just a story about a boy and his mom and how lost we got last October."

The Editors
And that, is just what the book is about. The author, M. Dylan Raskin, was clearly influenced by J.D. Salinger's angsty Holden Caulfield, but hey, I loved Catcher in the Rye (which apparently puts me in the same category as 9 out of 10 serial killers). Raskin notes in the book his disdain for people who write with a thesaurus by their side and its evident in the book's simple, free-flowing prose. Although you can predict a "surprise twist" within the first few chapters, the book is a quick and excellent subway read.

In my opinion, generally speaking, an individual only lives one great story in his lifetime, and the rest is strictly for reminiscing purposes.

Bandanas & October Supplies

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