Monday, August 08, 2005 · posted at 6:16 PM
But now, not so much

Pauly Shore has a new show on TBS this summer called "Minding the Store." Pauly Shore, you scoff. And a week ago I would have agreed with you. Though I did just watch the end of "Son-In-Law" in the hotel room in Hawaii (I had to make sure that was Kelly Kapowski... really) and I think I actually saw "Jury Duty" in the movie theaters when it came out when I was in eighth grade, I never thought of Pauly Shore as a hilarious high-end comedian, or even class clown funny and always wondered, "What do people see in him? How does he have any sort of comedy career?"

After watching an episode of "Minding the Store" that TiVo picked up for me, all my questions were laid to rest. In fact, I'm shocked that he doesn't have a larger-than-life career.

Not because I find his narrative voiceovers hilarious ("This is comedian Mike Black. He's funny but quiet. Sometimes his tshirt says more than him*") or clips of his stand-up routine to be original ("What's the difference between me and Adam Sandler? about $18 million per picture")... but because in the opening credits Pauly Shores talks about his parentage, father is a comic and mother owns the world famous "Comedy Store."

Nepotism... often the answer to life's mysteries.

Many people may have already known this. I, however, never bothered to do research on "The Weasel" or read his 30-second bio, so this was news to me... and explained so much.

Luckily since the show is about The Comedy Store, there's often stand-up footage from people with actual talent ("I watch a lot of porn. Look at me. In fact I watch so much porn, I've run out of porn... so I watch the porn bloopers" - Mike Black) and random quips from Pauly's Posse ("I'm not Tim Allen" - Bobby Lee on fixing up the La Jolla condo).

The situations and people are often more contrived and forced than I like my reality tv (e.g. Pauly promoting a "hot girl" without waitressing experience to the front bar instead of firing her, an oafish slob who doesn't do anything without a sandwich dripping fixings in his hand). Nevertheless, I encourage everyone to watch the show at least once. Because that's all it takes to get your $1 from Shore's moneyback guarantee.



* all quotes are paraphrased due to the premature erasure on the TiVo.

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